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사회적 관점 녹아든 스마트 시티 필요

기술 빈부 격차 야기할 수도 있어 오래 시간 동안 도시의 모습은 끊임없이 변해왔다. 이러한 도시 모습 변화에는 기술 발달이 항상 동반해왔다. 기술을 도시에 적용하고자 하는 노력도 있었지만, 기술 혁신이 사람의 삶 속으로 스며들면서 자연스럽게 도시 모습을 변화하게 했다. 필자는 1차 산업혁명부터 4차 산업혁명까지의 도시 모습을 분석한 적이 있다. 이를 통해 도시의 모습이 기술로 인해 변화해온 […]

הדרך להנגשת ערים חכמות

שיתוף פעולה של עמותת “נגישות ישראל” וארגון G3ict העולמי יסייע לערים ברחבי ישראל להציג תוכניות עירוניות ושירותים חכמים זמינים ויעילים לכלל תושביהן. על התוכנית וההתייחסות הממוקדת באנשים בעלי מוגבלויות ובאוכלוסיית מבוגרים | ג’יימס תרסטון

The partnerships enabling disabled city residents to better explore their surroundings

Author By Katie Pyzyk @_PyintheSky • Published March 15, 2018 As cities work to add technologies to improve residents’ lives and mobility, many are putting a renewed focus on inclusivity and equitable innovation distribution. Yet despite this inclusivity push, experts say people with disabilities remain an overlooked group, especially during city planning processes. “Very few […]

Meet two guys on a mission to make smart cities accessible for all

By Laura Ruby, Director, Worldwide Accessibility Policy & Standards, Microsoft on December 8, 2017 Filed under Sustainable Cities The Smart Cities for All Toolkit Resources to help cities be more inclusive: Smart Cities for All: Guide to Implementing Priority ICT Accessibility Standards Smart Cities for All: Guide to Adopting an ICT Accessibility Procurement Policy Smart […]