September 13, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
Georgia World Congress Center

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

8:00AM – 9:00AM          Registration

9:00AM – 9:30AM          Plenary: Smart Cities: The Connection Between Humanity and Technology
A strong ecosystem of partners is vital for fully realizing the capabilities of smart cities. Connecting inclusion and technology will create tangible benefits for residents, businesses, and the environment. How do universities, vendors, service providers, and citizens from all walks of life participate in creating a smart city that solves for some of the greatest challenges humanity faces?
Stage: King
• Mike Zeto, Vice President, Internet of Things; General Manager, Smart Cities, AT&T

9:35AM – 10:10AM          Panel: Beyond Disruption: Using Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Solve Critical City Challenges

Stage: King
Track: Innovation & Talent
Cassie Bowe, Vice President, Energy Impact Partners
Daley Ervan, Managing Director, Engage Ventures
Dave Kirkpatrick, Co-Founder & Managing Director, SJF Ventures
Christine Primmer, Strategy & Business Development for Smart Cities, Georgia Power (moderator)

9:40AM – 10:15AM Panel:          Solving Urban Problems through Collaborative Innovation

Stage: Carter
Track: Innovation & Talent
The challenges facing cities today are increasingly complex, have unclear ownership and cannot be addressed by known solutions. This leaves cities searching for new models of partnership, solution development and incentives to make their cities happier, healthier and safer. The experts on this panel will discuss some of the collaboration models that have succeeded in bringing together diverse parties to focus on complex urban challenges to produce measurable results for cities and their residents.
Denise Riedl, CIO, City of South Bend, IN
Neil Kleiman, Director, NYU Wagner Innovation Labs; Research Director, Mayors Leadership Institute on Smart Cities
Brenna Berman, CEO, City Tech Collaborative (moderator)

9:40AM – 10:15AM          The Monetization of Inclusion
Stage: Young
Track: Innovation & Talent
Can a city be ‘smart’ without proper representation? Diversity and representation have increasingly become top priorities for urban hubs across the country, with cities deploying innovative inclusion strategies across sectors and industries, from business to politics to talent retention. And these policies have paid themselves back, with cities reaping the economic benefits of putting a premium on diversity and inclusion. This panel will further examine the implications — past, present, and future — of prioritizing inclusion in the development strategies of cities of today and tomorrow.
Andrea Hoffman, Founder, Culture Shift Labs
Dee Poku, Founder and CEO, WIE Network
Candice Cook, Managing Member, The Cook Law Group, PLLC (moderator)

10:10AM – 10:30AM          Lightning Talk: Learning from Moonshots
This panel will cover four practical lessons for innovators and founders based on some of Google/Alphabet’s most ambitious projects: Verily’s Project Baseline; X’s killed cargo airships investigation; Google Helpouts; and Google for Startups.
Stage: King
Track: Innovation & Talent
Amrit Dhir, Head of Startup Connections, Google

10:15AM – 10:35AM          Lightning Talk
Stage: Carter
10:15AM – 10:40AM          Panel: Micro Mobility, Maximum Equity: Mitigating Risk through Practical Policies
The many forms of micro-mobility, from scooters to bike-share to e-bike, are arriving in nearly every American city, seemingly overnight. On the one hand, they expand the options available to residents to access vital city services and fill in gaps in current transit systems. On the other hand, they can create safety, planning and congestion challenges if their deployment and scaling is not thoughtful. This panel of experts from both the mobility provider and city administrator will explore policies and implementation approaches that harness the positive aspects of micro-mobility while managing its risks.
Stage: Young
Track: Mobility & Transportation
Brandon Pollak, Director for Global Civic Engagement and Strategy, Bird
Colin Tooze, Director of Public Affairs for New Mobility, Uber
Jamie Ponce, Director, Strategic Partnerships, City Tech Collaborative (moderator)

10:30AM          Expo Hall Opens

10:45AM – 11:25AM          Redefining Inclusive: Creating Smart Cities for All
There are more than 1 billion people in the world with a disability. Do today’s smart cities work for them? Or are the technologies and smart solutions being deployed across the country making the digital divide worse for persons with disabilities? Commissioners from the three largest cities in the United States will discuss how can cities be both smarter and more inclusive.
Stage: Young
Track: Digital Transformation
Victor Calise, Commissioner, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, City of New York
Stephen Simon, Executive Director, Department of Disability, City of Los Angeles
Karen Tamley, Commissioner, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, City of Chicago
James Thurston, VP Global Strategy & Development, G3ict (moderator)

10:50AM – 11:30AM          Panel: Connectivity Through Smart Neighborhoods
Stage: King
Track: Infrastructure
James Leverette, Senior Research Engineer, Southern Company

10:55AM – 11:25AM          Fostering Innovation to Harness Human Capital
Stage: Carter
Track: Innovation and Talent
Jay Bailey, President and CEO, Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

11:30AM – 12:00PM Fireside

12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch Break

1:00PM – 1:40PM          Plenary: The Future of Transportation
Stage: King
Track: Mobility & Transportation
• Brett Hauser, CEO, Greenlots
• Nicole Faulk, Vice President, Corporate Services, Southern Company (moderator)

1:40PM – 2:15PM          Data, Faith, and Community: Addressing Opioids in Cities
Stage: King
Track: Health & Wellness

1:45PM – 2:15PM          Panel: Urban Planning for the Future City
Technology is radically changing our lives, but the best future cities will be shaped by design. The design of the city includes technology, of course, but the purpose of design must be an aspiration for our lives. In Atlanta, this aspiration is Dr. King’s dream for the beloved community and the design to achieve it is called The Atlanta City Design. It is not a plan. It is a strategic realignment of plans, projects, policies, and priorities – many of which are already completed or underway. It leverages the inevitable change coming to Atlanta to create the kind of Atlanta we want – not some other city that we don’t like or recognize anymore. It designs that future around the city’s core values – Equity, Progress, Ambition, Access, and Nature – intentionally shaping the city to reflect our shared values, meet our opportunities, and achieve our goals. The Atlanta City Design, which has been adopted as part of the city’s charter, was a collaborative effort between Atlanta City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane, Ryan Gravel, and the Atlanta City Studio, an in-house urban design team.
Stage: Carter
Track: Infrastructure
Timothy J. Keane, Commissioner, Department of City Planning, City of Atlanta
Ryan Gravel, Founder, Sixpitch

1:45PM – 2:20PM          Panel: Birds, Trains, Buses: Developing an Equitable Integrated Mobility Strategy
Stage: Young
Track: Mobility & Transportation
Kirk Talbott, CIO, MARTA
Jeff Perkins, CMO, ParkMobile
Ashwini Chhabra, Head of Public Affairs, Bird

2:30PM – 2:50PM          Lightning Talk: From Studios to Streaming: The Power of the Creative Economy and the Disruption of Content
Stage: King
Track: Civic Engagement
Ozzie Areu, Founder and CEO, Areu Brothers Studios
Kate Atwood, CEO, B-Essential Ventures; Creator, THEA

2:30PM – 3:10PM          Panel: From Education to Affordable Housing, Addressing the Health of Cities through Data and Dashboards
More than 80 percent of U.S. residents live in urban areas. Yet city and urban community leaders in the US lack actionable, integrated data on population health status, health determinants and health equity that is specific to geographically defined populations for which they are responsible. Join top leaders advancing their community’s health and equity with the help of dashboards and data on education, obesity, affordable housing, transportation, and more.
Stage: Carter
Track: Health & Wellness
Dr. Marc Gourevitch, Professor of Medicine & Population Health, NYU Langone School of Medicine
Robert Hahn, Coordinating Scientist, CDC Community Guide

2:30PM – 3:05PM Panel:          Futureproofing our Cities: The Interconnectivity of People, Place, and Things
Stage: Young
Track: Infrastructure
Rob Rogers, Founder, Rogers Partners Architects + Urban Designers
Allie Kelly, Executive Director, The Ray
Brian Johnson, City Manager, Peachtree Corners
Cynthia Curry, Director of IoT, Metro Atlanta Chamber (moderator)

2:50PM – 3:10PM         Lightning Talk: Redefining Smart through Social Impact and Civic Innovation
Stage: King
Track: Innovation & Talent
Rohit Malhotra, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Civic

3:00PM                          Expo Hall Closes

3:10PM – 3:50PM          Mayors Plenary
Stage: King

3:50PM – 4:30PM          Closing Plenary
Stage: King
Track: Civic Engagement
Tip “T.I.” Harris, Artist, Entrepreneur, and Activist