Year: 2018

הדרך להנגשת ערים חכמות

שיתוף פעולה של עמותת “נגישות ישראל” וארגון G3ict העולמי יסייע לערים ברחבי ישראל להציג תוכניות עירוניות ושירותים חכמים זמינים ויעילים לכלל תושביהן. על התוכנית וההתייחסות הממוקדת באנשים בעלי מוגבלויות ובאוכלוסיית מבוגרים | ג’יימס תרסטון

Launching our Inclusive Smart City Tools in Hebrew!

James ThurstonBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Vice President for Global Strategy & Development at G3ict — The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs Apr 29 Launching our Inclusive Smart City Tools in Hebrew! We live in an increasingly digital and urban world. Unfortunately, it is not yet an increasingly inclusive world for persons with disabilities and older persons. We want to fix that. […]

The partnerships enabling disabled city residents to better explore their surroundings

Author By Katie Pyzyk @_PyintheSky • Published March 15, 2018 As cities work to add technologies to improve residents’ lives and mobility, many are putting a renewed focus on inclusivity and equitable innovation distribution. Yet despite this inclusivity push, experts say people with disabilities remain an overlooked group, especially during city planning processes. “Very few […]